Welcome to my madness!

Welcome to my adventures in blogging.

I am a girl gamer that is trying to get healthy.  There is a stereotype out there about gamers being fat and lazy.  I want to dispell this.  I play multiple mmo’s,  World of Warcraft, and StarWars The Old Republic, and hopefully someday Guild Wars2.

I have been playing WOW with the mostly the same people for the past 6 years.  This last week our raid team SST( Skylir’s Sweaty Tits) defeated Deathwing.  This is the first time we have completed an expansion while it was still current content.  WOOT to us!WoWScrnShot_030812_203912

In SWTOR we started raiding on wed and killed 4/5 bosses in the first raid.  This is great for a starting raid team.


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