I usually have some motivation and or/drive to accomplish things.  Right now my drive is gone.  The hubs and I have lots of outside projects that we need to start

  1. finish cleaning garden from last year
  2. work on the raised bed idea
  3. start working on the sprinkler system
  4. get bark for front yard
  5. weed front yard

This is probably just a small list, at the moment it seems daunting.  The weather has not been cooperating either with wind, rain, and snow in the last 10 days.  When the weather is good the hubs and I would rather take the dogs out to the park and play disc golf.


Maybe it is not so much procrastination as being selective in the projects we accomplish.  Today it is raining this is a good day to stay in and play some video games or read a book.  Next week is soon enough to start the outside projects, right?

Where do you find your motivation?




I am still playing World of Warcraft…………maybe not as much as I used to but, the game is 10 years old and I have to diversify.

Our guild/raid team just slowly melted away.  All the people that I have played wow with over the years are now doing something else.   Because of that I transferred my resto druid to another server.  To join a large guild and put myself out there as a healer looking for raids.  I did get to raid with a fun group of people on Tues.  We did not kill a boss, however; we did unintentionally clear lots of heroic trash.  I am hoping I get invited back…..if not then hopefully there is another team out there looking for a healer.

I am also playing some SWTOR.  One of my friends went back there and with all the hype surrounding the movie this coming Christmas  Star Wars the video game may see some new players.

I am getting outside and playing lots of disc golf.  So glad the kids made us go with them.  The hubs and I have been out a few times on our own and every weekend we get together with the son to play at least 9 holes.  Yesterday I was sick and it was raining, I was a tired, disgruntled puppy but, pushed through and finished all 9… the mud. 

disc golf This was the hubs and two dogs last week before the weather turned to snow and fog.  This is a game we can play anywhere and it gets us out of the house and walking some.

I have not heard of any new MMO’s on the horizon and some of the free to play just aren’t really free to play.  I understand that the companies want to make money after all that is why they are in business, some of the practices of charging for every little upgrade or bag space just seems overkill to me.  If you hear of a new game let me know.

Do you disc golf?


Biggest Bully I know…………..


Have you ever noticed that there is a bully in your life?  This bully has been with us for as long as we can remember and we should all do something about it.   Our self talk is the biggest bully around.  How often do we say good things to ourselves?  Never or rarely right?  It is time to put an end to this. 

beautiful These are the words we need to focus on. 

worth it These need to be our new self talk and not all the negative. 

you can I like these words much better than the I can’t, I am not worthy, I am ugly.  We as people need to start treating our selves better.  We would never speak to another person the way we talk to ourselves.  It is time to be nicer to the one person that is the only one we will get.

Let us love ourselves.

You all know I listen to lots of podcasts on my drive, I have recently found one by Nia Shanks the Lift Like a Girl podcast.  She talks about motivation and how we should be the “most awesome us we can be.” 

be the best So here is my mantra for the week to see if I can stop the negative self talk.  

If you get a chance follow that link to some of the best information out there on the web, then go be the BEST you possible.

How do you avoid negative self talk?


Busy Weekend Fun


Last weekend I missed a post due to too much activity.  OH my GOSH!  What a busy weekend.

The Hubs, BIL, SIL and myself went to Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary and spent the day tiling a 20’ x 18’ office.  The boys did most of the hard work of laying the tile, the SIL and I were the grunt labor, moved tile boxes moved furniture if needed, grabbed beer for the guys, stood around looking pretty that was the hardest job.  By 5pm we were still not finished with the job but, finished for the day.  We anticipate going back this next Saturday.


We both brought some of our dogs and they were great little helpers.  My minion could jump through that window like a pro.  By the end of the day he was sitting on the windowsill watching.  Teddy is a BCAS alum, he was a little freaked out going back there probably thinking his people don’t want him anymore.  He probably felt great relief when they drove away for the day.

We then got back home to a house full of adult children for a night of cards and alcohol.

card night

We had pollo asada, which had been cooking all day in the Crockpot, beer and family time.  I love spending time with the kids.  We also played Cards Against Humanity.  Check it out and know that it is the most fun game.  I laughed so hard my sides hurt.  We all stayed up late then got up fairly early on Sunday.  Went out to brunch, then came back home so the kids could pack up their stuff like the 3 room tent in the backyard.  Yes really a 3 room stent, my son camps in style.  Then it was off to the park to play Disc Golf.  The hubs was feeling sore and was generally grumbly about going, I made the decision to go.  I am so glad I pushed us to go with the kids as we might have found a new outdoor exercise/entertainment.

After all that excitement we went home and just lazed and played video games.

Do you have busy weekends?


Little of this and Little of that


This week has been very productive. 

Remember our Christmas tree?  Well it got planted this week.  Now it is a happy dirt loving tree.

planted tree 

I cleaned up the strawberry bed.  Lots of dead weeds and goat heads.  Hate those darn things.  Most of the strawberries survived the winter, and they have offspring.

My coworkers birthday is this week so I made her some shower scrubs.   Coconut oil and ground coffee mixed together then frozen.  Great shower scrubs with a wonderful scent to get the morning going.

I know I need to eat more veggies, some days it is hard to do.  This week my attempt was brussel sprouts cooked in butter for my breakfasts, they go really well with bacon and eggs.  I usually eat in the car on my way to work so I need finger foods.  Brussel sprouts qualify. 

Do you have any ideas to add more vegetables to your diet?



Fun in the Sun


Yesterday the hubs and I took a drive to Ouray.  The drive was pretty, not much snow, different scenery which is always good.  We went to lunch at Buen Tiempo best Mexican restaurant in Ouray.  They serve the best margaritas, which I did stay away from as it was lunch and I wanted to stay awake.

Spinach Enchiladas
A customer favorite at the Buen Tiempo. Two fresh blue corn tortillas filled with spinach, spices, sour cream and cheeses. Topped with your choice of Chimayo red or green chile. Served with arroz, black beans and pico de gallo. Add beef or chicken.  Straight from their menu. 

The hubs and I each had an order his smothered in green chili mine was smothered in red like a delicious enchilada should be.  So wonderful.

After lunch we went to Ouray Hot Springs.  It was not overly crowded, great weather, sunny day with minimal clouds.  Of course Cheri forgot to get any pictures, bonehead.  The Ouray hot springs is sulfur-free.  This is valuable information if you wear your wedding rings into pools as the sulfur can affect the prongs and damage them. 

On a side note as we drove through Ridgeway the city sign said “home of the Grammy”  I was a little perplexed so goggled it this am and low and behold  The Grammy trophy is assembled by hand at Billings Artworks in Ridgeway Colorado.  Amazing stuff  you can learn during a drive.

Hope you had a great Saturday


Healthy Nail Polish

If you have been a reader for longer than a year you know I am trying to get healthier.  One way was to eliminate as many chemicals out of our lives as possible.  No hairspray, antiperspirant, lotion, shampoo, dishwashing soap and the list can go one.  One of the things I miss the most is painted nails. Painted nails in the right length just look girly to me.  Some days I miss being girly, perfume, smelly lotion, make-up.   Now I did debate the gel nails, one of my co-workers has them and they always look beautiful.  She gets art or sparkles and makes me jealous. Her theory is that is her pamper for the month, makes sense to me.   Then I look at their ingredients and change my mind.  So off to find some polish.

Looking at some of the ingredients in nail polish like phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde.  Not all polishes have them or they are in small amounts, however; over time is it good for us?  That is always my question.

Recently I have found Zoya a great nail polish without the above three and also without camphor or formaldehyde resin.  It seems a little pricey until you think about the less harmful ingredients then I am like ok, one bottle a month.

If you have access to a melaleuca person (not sure what to call them) then you can get some very pretty colored polish with a better ingredient list.  The polish lasted me about a week with few chips.

Butter London is a pricier polish yet still makes the list of better for you.

I am off to purchase more polish then paint my nails to make them pretty for the week.

Do you polish?  With one of the above or different ones?  Let  me know.