Fashion Show

Sorry I was silent last week.  On Saturday night I attended a Fashion Show with the ladies from work and one of my Radiologists. 

The models were all cancer survivors.  This is such an empowering moment for them, to strut the catwalk.  Most fashion shows are quiet and respectful not at this one, it was a requirement to hoot and holler for the models. 

fashion showMe and two of my colleagues at our table.

We had a great time.  I am glad I went to the event with my friends.

I rented a hotel room nearby so I would not have to drive home afterwards. The Radiologists with us paid for our drinks, it was a good thing I got to walk to my room.

The hubs and the dogs waited for me in the hotel room.  He ordered room service for me as they did not provide food to go with the alcohol.  That was the best steak salad ever!  Even if it was eaten at 10 pm.

Of course by Wednesday of this week I had a cold.  I have not been sick in over a year and have not handled this one well.


Gaming Fun

I have to give a big THANKS to Blizzard Entertainment for putting Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls on sale for half off.  We all know that I am cheap, well when it comes to video games the hubs is worse than I am.  So for us to get a blizzard game 2 for the price of 1 we said yes.

I have had fun playing Diablo again.  I stopped playing it for a while because well………spoiler alert….  I killed Diablo.   There were also some game mechanics that I did not like, which led to me not playing.  Now though they have fixed those game mechanics, the artwork in incredible, and gameplay is fun.  I am very glad we spent the money.

Diablo is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox and Xbox one.  They platforms do not all play together.

Lately I have been reading more than I have been gaming.  WoW is in a holding period until the next xpac –11/14/14 – I will be busy that weekend .

I get severe motion sickness from most other games, therefore; I take those in small amounts.

The artwork the Blizzard team comes up with is amazing

This is directly from the Diablo website, they have more incredible art there you should go check it out.


Coffee Creamer

I love coffee.   I  used to think  it was kinda blah.  Now though, delicious.  I really like it with creamer. Do you use creamer?  Do you purchase it or make your own?   Have you seen the ingredient list for those you purchase?  Take a look at just one-

International Delights Vanilla Creamer Ingredient list

Water , Sugar , Soybeans Oil Partially Hydrogenated ,Corn Syrup , Contains less than 22% of , Carrageenan ,Mono and Diglycerides , Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate , Salt, Dipotassium Phosphate , Sodium Caseinate , A Milk Derivative , Flavors Natural & Artificial Thanks

Do you really want to ingest those on a daily basis?  I don’t.  I did find an alternative that takes just seconds to make and gives the added benefit of healthy fat.  We all need more healthy fat in our diets.  Try and let me know if you enjoy as much as I do.

Coconilla Creamer:

  • coconut milk entire  jar
  • vanilla (made by me Smile) 2 TBS
  • maple syrup 1- 2 TBS depending on your preference


COCO CREAMERShaken or stirred.  Makes great creamer for my morning coffee.  Healthy and I know exactly what ingredients I am ingesting.  That is very important to me.

Have you found alternatives to unhealthy food choices you used to make?


Good Hair Days

How has your week been?  Mine was slow at work but, before my big month I can always use slow.  Today the dogs and I went for a walk in the rain.  I got up this am and it was still dark.  I am all WTF?  It is after 7 am.  Then I heard the rain.  Leashes attached and raincoat on we walked through the rain.  It was very beautiful.

My hair and scalp are still in flux.  Some dry and flakey areas of the scalp and the hair is not happy with most of the shampoos I use.  To make my hair healthier I only shampoo once every 3 or 4 days.  This does leave my hair close to the scalp a little lot greasier.  I have made a dry shampoo that helps soak up the oil and gives some volume to the roots.

These two items are all you need to make your own dry shampoo if you have dark brown or black hair.  For blonde hair I would  guess it is only the arrowroot powder.

Mix together in container, apply to roots with old makeup brush. Enjoy another day or two of not washing your hair to make it healthier.

These products are available at amazon.  I am not an affiliate so clicking the links does not help me, just gives you good products.

How often do you wash your hair?  Do you use dry shampoo?



My workplace does not currently have a cafeteria, this means we must all bring our lunches if we are to eat.  I could drive to a few fast food places nearby, however; that would take my entire 30 minutes.  So bring my lunch is what I do most days.  Leftovers are usually the name of the game.  Occasionally I take some tuna.  A little tuna salad with veggies and veggies as the chips helps me eat more of the good veggies we all need.

One of my favorite bloggers/podcasters Liz Wolfe talks about eating sardines here.  They are suppose to be very good for you.  I have tried a few times to eat them,  the bones kinda creep me out and they smell much worse than tuna.  This week I noticed in passing an items on my Facebook page about tuna containing soy.  I thought no way.  It is tuna, soy has nothing to do with tuna, right?  Am I right?  NO!!


Check that sh*t out.  Smack dab in the center of the label contains fish and soy. Now WTF?  why add soy to a perfectly good product? 

Over two years ago during an enforced week off from work I found all kinds of blogs that gave me information on the food that we eat and how bad it all is for us.  We exist in a world of chemicals.  I try to not eat any GMO corn or soy.  So how then did I not know that my tuna contained soy?  This was one label I figured I did not need to read.  What a moron, huh?  I suppose this means more Sardines for me.  Wonder if I can make them tasty to take to work?  I believe this is my project for the next few weeks tasty cooked sardines.

Do you read labels?  Does anything on them amaze you?


Story Time

Not much happening this week around my little homestead.  Tomatoes still growing crazy like.  Gave lots away this week so I would not have to can again this weekend Winking smile.  The weather has been beautiful.  What better time to read a book, right? 

I love getting my books from Story Bundle.  One of this months bundles is Dark Fantasy.  That is urban fantasy with a dark twist.  Story Bundle runs on the premise of I pay what I want if I pay at least the minimum then I get all titles.  I can choose to donate money to a charity as well and with all the “ice bucket” challenges going on out in the world this month I can choose ALS to donate to.  They support multiple formats, Kindle, Nook, tablets and smartphones.

Story Bundle is a great concept.  They offer different bundles about every 20 days.  If you get a chance check them out.

My first love was reading.  Books can take me to fantastical places and far away lands.  I can travel the world and meet interesting people.  I have to thank my grandmother for my love of books.  She started me reading at a very early age.

Do you read?  Have a favorite genre or author?  I would love to hear more…..



I have not talked about any video games in a while.  That is because I am not really playing any.  Warlorads of Draenor the next expansion for World of Warcraft will not release until November 11, 2014.   While that does not sound like that far away in game time it is forever.  We have not raided since early July.  That is a long time for our group to not be together. I am sure when the next expansion drops most of our group will come back, however; not sure if it will be enough.  We will see.

I have heard about a new IOS game Revolution 60, this game was designed by women.  The entire company is women.  You can get the first chapter for free to try it out here.   Good game play and  storyline.  It is a little more that this cheap girl wants to pay for an IOS game but, the first chapter was fun.

The hubs and I are playing a little Star Wars the Old Republic again.  They dropped 5 new levels, new gameplay is always appreciated.

I have been playing a lot of IOS games like Candy Crush, Pet Rescue, Bubble Witch Saga 2.    The hubs plays all kinds of steam games(too many to list Smile). 

One game I have been loving is The Wolf Among Us.  This is by Telltale games and is very similar to The Walking Dead, they are story type games with some game play and lots of violence.  I am on the last chapter of the Wolf so today I will probably finish it Sad smile.

Hopefully November will arrive soon so I can play more WoW.  I miss my fix.

What games are you playing?