Disc Golf Family Fun

Yesterday the hubs and I participated in our first disc golf tournament. The adult kids were also there as this is their group of friends.  This tournament was held in in memory of DJ one of the members who passed away.  This was the first annual, so there will be more.  Any money raised was going to a local high school student for college.  It was a great cause and I got to spend the day with my family.

The boys were all divided up into groups of 4 for the first round, second round divided them by the score from the first round.  There were only 3 girls so we played together for both rounds.  All my men played in different groups for round one, round two the hubs and son were together.  I got to play with a beautiful daughter-in-law, lucky me.

The afternoon was hard.  It was hot and my arm was tired.  I lost a disc into deep, disgusting water, oh well.  The daughter-in-law won our division, I was probably third.  This is last I know but, for my first tournament throwing a 58 is not bad.  I have room for improvement.




I am so proud to have supported such a great tournament, and I had fun during it.    Thanks family for a great day!


Summer Games

I am still a World of Warcraft fan girl.  I have extended my appreciation to other Blizzard games.

Screenshot2015-08-16 07_35_25 Currently, this is my favorite character for Heroes of the Storm.  I am enjoying this MOBA game, although I still only play against the A.I.  As soon as I have 2 characters to level 10 I will jump into a game with real people.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-16-15 07.34.16 I let my Hearthstone game lapse for a while and now I am trying to play catch up.  I am attempting to get my hunter to level 20.  I hit 14.5 yesterday. 

Between work, raiding, disc golf and household stuff I do not have enough time to level all the games I want to.  I decided to do little bits at a time and see how it goes.  Maybe one will stick out as a favorite or I will like them all equally and get more variety in my gaming.

WoWScrnShot_081615_073547 This is currently my favorite game and my favorite toon. 

What games are you playing this summer?



This past weekend the hubs and I went to Nerdtacular at Snowbird Resort in Utah.  This is a gathering of about 2000 people to watch podcasts live and meet the incredible people that put those podcasts on.  Scott Johnson the brains behind Frogpants Studios started Nerdtacular about 7 years ago, it was just a day event and now is two full days of podcasts, tabletop gaming, and a meet and greet the night before.  This was our first year attending.   The week before all I could think was I am an invert and do not handle social situations well.  I can talk to people at my job one on one but, strangers in a crowd??  WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!

We drove to Snowbird on Thursday with a stop at Rem’s Tobacco

rem;s smoke  The hubs found some great cigars.  We arrived unevenfully at Snowbird Resort.  The first gathering was a meet and greet for a few hours on Thursday night.

aie guild pic This was a pic of all the AIE guild members at the meet and greet.

I meet Scott Johnson and shake his hand.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jules and Marconin from Tauren Think Tank.  The hubs and I also meet a couple from Steamboat Springs, very nice and we spent a few hours talking. 

AFter the meet and greet there is an informal Smoke Monster held on the deck of one of the bars.  Everyone gathers and smokes cigars and shares cigar stories.

smoke monster

Friday was full of podcasts.  The first was  The Morning Stream.  I got to meet Chris Metzen after the morning podcast.  He is the Senior Vice President of Story and Francise Development.  I was starstruck, my hands were still shaking a few minutes after the meeting. 

The second podcast of the day was The Instance.  It was amazing to watch the podcast live and see the interaction of the hosts in person.

The last podcast we went to on Friday was Sword and Laser.  I was so excited to find this podcast.  It is hosted by Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont.  This podcast is about Sci-Fi and Fantasy books.  This is one of my favorite topics.

sword and laser

On Saturday the hubs and I spent some time enjoying the attractions at the resort.  We rode the Alpine Coaster. I do not like coasters, however; I am very glad he made me ride this one.  It was lots of fun.

The last podcast of the day for us was The Angry Chicken this is a podcast about Hearthstone and one of the hubs favorites.

angry chicken

We had a great weekend. 


Summer Days

Busy days of summer.  It is 845 in the am and I have exercised, been shopping, have some ribs in the over, and have started to dehydrate some apricots.  Oh and I am cooking breakfast.  I am amazed at how much needs to be done on the weekends.

It has been a super wet summer here and the garden is in shock.  My pepper plants are itty bitty and my cucumbers are growing like crazy.  I have so many cucumbers I do not know what to do with them all.  I need to pickle some. 

The hubs has a migraine today, this means the rest of the day will be easy and laid back.


Have a great Sunday.


Cleaning Beeswax

It has been 2 weeks of intermittent internet. Which is why there was no post last week.  For a mmo gamer that is a problem of epic proportions. In our house the internet is our entertainment, TV, music, games and for me downloading books to read.  No internet means we run around the house screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”  then I call the internet company and want to pull out my hair.

The internet company will send someone out on Tuesday, however; not at a convenient time, like after I get home from work.  Oh no, it has to be M-F 8-5.  This means either the hubs or I have to take time off to be home for the cable guy.  At least maybe the internet will be stable after that.  Total first world problems here.

Last weekend I started to clean up the beeswax.  This project is teaching me patience.beeswax2 If you think the water is cool enough, wait another hour.  Your sinks will thank you and so will your hubs if he has to clean out the drain because you were hyper about wanting to continue cleaning the wax.    It is not a very involved process, however; it requires patience. 

Put the wax in water, heat the water to boiling, turn off burner, wait for it to solidify.  Pour water elsewhere repeat for 2-3 more times then last time for final clean pour wax through cheesecloth.  I am not so good at the waiting for the wax to cool part of this cycle.  I do have another tub of wax to improve my patience on.

If I get enough beeswax I have candles to make.  I am looking forward to that.  Bet it will require more patience. 

Do you use beeswax for anything?



I love to read a good book.  Back in the day before the kindle, I would browse the book aisle at the store and try to remember which book in a series I have read.  A bookstore could mean an entire day just looking.  To me books are magical.  They take you away.  They give you knowledge.  They help you dream.

With my kindle I am much weirder about buying books.  I never remember what series I am reading.  I jump from series to series.

I have read most of the Sookie Stackhouse series, The Morganville Vampire series I am just starting.  I have read some of the Vampire Academy series. I love the writing style and easy read of Robyn Carr both the Thunder point series and the Virgin River series.

Then I found Goodreads and my wish list just keeps growing and growing.  More great books, more recommendations. My biggest issues is paying so much for a digital copy.  I try to use the library when I can, however; they never have the entire series available.  First world problems right?

What are you reading?


Dem Bees

Three weeks ago the hubs spent a day harvesting honey.  That stuff is so good.  Hard to believe our bees can create such goodness. 

Then on Thursday night I was standing outside and glanced at the hive and saw this

bee hive

The hubs checked the hive and we figured either they were hot, it was over 100 degrees here for many days in a row, or they were getting ready to swarm.  If they swarm we will not get as much honey for the rest of the year, however; they may become nicer. Our bees are very hive aggressive.  We added the other super and decided we needed to harvest this weekend.

Yesterday we started the harvest. 

honey part 2

This was just 4 frames harvested.  We did harvest all 10 and realized that was a huge mistake.  Those defender bees knew where their honey went to and stayed very mad at us all day.  Even one of the dogs got stung late in the day.  Next time we will leave some honey behind so hopefully the bees do not get so out of control angry.  My neighbors may have issues if they get stung.


Unfortunately you can not see all the angry bees in this pic, take my word for it they were following him in droves.  It took probably over 30 mins for them to leave him alone enough so he could come in the house.

This may be a nectar heavy year.  I plan to take advantage of this as much as possible.  I love my honey.