Let’s Talk about Deodorant


A few years ago I gave up wearing antiperspirant.  This has led to a plethora of stinky days.

I have tried

  • baking soda – I get huge and I mean huge boils from that.  Ouch!
  • coconut oil – stinky
  • Tom’s of Maine – meh  
  • made by me – meh
  • the Crystal – works good but leaves a residue in the sink
  • Natural made by someone else – very pricey and can still cause irritation in the armpit area

Then I read a blog about deodorant and tried it.  Alcohol.  Not the rubbing kind the drinking kind.  We had Vodka in the house and tried it.  Put in a spray bottle, four squirts under each arm and see how the day goes.   Vodka worked great for the hubs but, not so much for me.  Off to the liquor store I went and purchased Everclear. 

This appears to be the best option for me.  A little Everclear in my armpits every day and even when I workout the stink will not kill anyone.

Do you use natural deodorant or antiperspirant?


Blizzcon Baby

This weekend was Blizzcon the mostly annual conference held by Blizzard in Anaheim for it’s growing list of games.  Nerds from around the globe gather to see live esports and meet developers and fellow nerds.  For those unable to attend there is a virtual ticket, this allows folks to watch from the comfort of their couches.  That is how I attend Blizzcon.

Blizzard has a growing list of games

The Con starts at 11 am on a Friday and continues until a live concert Saturday night.  There are many parties and meet and greets held at night after the con is over.  Some of these parties you can watch via Twitch TV a live streaming video platform. 

The hubs took the day off and I left work early to watch the con.  Last time we watched we were able to stream it from my iPad to the TV via a cable connection.  Unfortunately, my iPad had a run in with some water, this ended the iPad to my dismay.  We had a good run my  iPad and I.    I did purchase another iPad, however; the connectors are not the same size.  To enable us watching the con on the big screen TV vs. my monitor the hubs and I made 2, yes 2 trips to the local Wal-Mart to find the right adapters.  Did we succeed you ask?  Why no, not in the least.  Instead we moved my tower closer to the fireplace and ran an HDMI cable from it to a TV sitting on our coffee table.  Talk about a screen happy room.  I am glad no one came over to witness our geeky set up. 

We were able to enjoy both the panels and the esports aspects of Blizzcon.  The concert to finish off the con was Linkin Park.  Such an AMAZING concert.  Watching live was incredible, I image being there was even more of a rush. 

Thank you Blizzard for a great gaming weekend.


Spoiling the Hubs

I am looking for an Xbox One for the hubs.  Both sons have one and they could stay in touch by playing together.

 xbox one

I have found this one at either Wal Mart or Amazon.  As you all know I like a good bargain.  This means I am shopping around for the best deal with the most add-ons. 

You need to have an Xbox Live account to play with others and to get access to the free games Microsoft has available each month.

xbox live

As you can see a years membership is $59.99 if bought at one time otherwise it is $9.99 a month.  I refuse to spend more money on a monthly subscription.  I went on a mission to find a better deal.  Amazon has it available for 43.28.   That is a great deal, not the one I took.  EBay gave a much better deal $34.50, this comes out to about $2.85 per month. 

Now if I could just find as good a deal on the Xbox One.  The hubs would be spoiled. 

The hubs worries about monopolizing the TV while playing on the Xbox, my thoughts are I will just read my books.   Having an Xbox would give him access to more games, when he doesn’t find any great deals on Steam then he would have Xbox live marketplace to look as well.

Do you know of any good deal sites to check?  Let me know.




I love water.  You probably know this as I have had a pool in the past.  This year we did not do a pool.  We saved our dollars and waited for a good deal on a hot tub.  New hot tubs are super expensive and or super ugly if they are the cheapskate model. 

The hubs and I went to all the spa places in Grand Junction looking for the tub we wanted.  One place took my name and number in case a used one came through.  Imagine my surprise when a few weeks later my phone rang and they had a used tub for me to look at. 

I looked, I put down a deposit and waited patiently, who am I kidding I was impatient as hell. A week later it was up and running and I got to see the tub with water in it.  They took all my cash and we waited for the cover to arrive for delivery.

We got to pick the cover color, brand new, steps came included.  It has 36 jets, 2 motors and a blower a stereo and speakers.  My favorite part is the jets for my feet and calves.  Heaven!

The hot tub was delivered this past Thursday and immediately broke and we had to get a part replaced.  I did not get to sit in it on Thursday it was still too chilly by 930 when I went to bed.  Hello Friday!  After work we made friends.  Oh how glorious!  This weekend is the be in the tub as much as possible until Monday morning.   Now I am off for my morning soak after my morning yoga.  Such a great way to start the day.

hot tub Isn’t she beautiful?

hot tub 2 See those foot jets?

Enjoy your Sunday!


Healthy Body


To achieve my goal of living life as a healthy girl gamer, I need to exercise.  I have been doing a mix of bodyweight exercises and kettlebells.  Kettlebells are by far my favorite.  I really enjoy gaining strength and learning new movements with the kettlebells.  My wish would be for there to be a kettlebell coach in my area.  As I live in nowhere close to a large city Western Colorado my wish is in vain.

kettlebell photobomb These are my kettlebells, with a photobomb from Chief.  He likes to exercise with me.

There are lots of great video programs out there, however; I worry about my form.  Only a coach can help with form, my head space only goes so far.  I try to remember all the steps mentioned in books or videos as I workout but, I know i am missing the small cues. 

Damn you YouTube for all your great videos!  As I mentioned before I am doing Yoga with Adriene, I found her on YouTube, I am really enjoying adding in some yoga to my workouts.  As I have gotten older I find my flexibility to be be lower, yoga is helping me with this. 

I watch videos of street calisthenics and am amazed at what the human body can do.  I am working on my pullup and pushup abilities, those alone will probably take me a year to master correctly.  Damn you YouTube for showing me great ways to improve my health or possibly get hurt. 

I want to be a healthy, mobile old lady someday so I am in this for the long haul,  I want my progress to be sustainable. 

How do you stay healthy?


Gaming from the Steam Store

I am currently playing Don’t Starve.  This is a survival game with elements of science and magic.  You play as Maxwell, a gentleman that has been thrown into this strange world and forced to survive by his wits.  You have to harvest food to eat, chop trees for wood,  mine rocks to make axes, shovels and picks.  This game makes you think on your feet and dodge spiders, hunt for food.  I have survived to day 12 by pure luck.  Now I have to figure out how to keep myself safe.  Build a garden, fence and maybe a structure so I don’t get eaten.



There is an mmo version of this game in beta Don’t Starve Together.    This is a game the hubs and I can play together. In fact I bought the Don’t Starve package from Steam.  This included the original Don’t Starve, and two copies of Don’t Starve Together.  This way I was able to gift one copy to the hubs. 

The couple that plays together stays together, right?  It is a good thing we like many of the same things. 

What games are you currently playing?