Little of this and Little of that


This week has been very productive. 

Remember our Christmas tree?  Well it got planted this week.  Now it is a happy dirt loving tree.

planted tree 

I cleaned up the strawberry bed.  Lots of dead weeds and goat heads.  Hate those darn things.  Most of the strawberries survived the winter, and they have offspring.

My coworkers birthday is this week so I made her some shower scrubs.   Coconut oil and ground coffee mixed together then frozen.  Great shower scrubs with a wonderful scent to get the morning going.

I know I need to eat more veggies, some days it is hard to do.  This week my attempt was brussel sprouts cooked in butter for my breakfasts, they go really well with bacon and eggs.  I usually eat in the car on my way to work so I need finger foods.  Brussel sprouts qualify. 

Do you have any ideas to add more vegetables to your diet?



Fun in the Sun


Yesterday the hubs and I took a drive to Ouray.  The drive was pretty, not much snow, different scenery which is always good.  We went to lunch at Buen Tiempo best Mexican restaurant in Ouray.  They serve the best margaritas, which I did stay away from as it was lunch and I wanted to stay awake.

Spinach Enchiladas
A customer favorite at the Buen Tiempo. Two fresh blue corn tortillas filled with spinach, spices, sour cream and cheeses. Topped with your choice of Chimayo red or green chile. Served with arroz, black beans and pico de gallo. Add beef or chicken.  Straight from their menu. 

The hubs and I each had an order his smothered in green chili mine was smothered in red like a delicious enchilada should be.  So wonderful.

After lunch we went to Ouray Hot Springs.  It was not overly crowded, great weather, sunny day with minimal clouds.  Of course Cheri forgot to get any pictures, bonehead.  The Ouray hot springs is sulfur-free.  This is valuable information if you wear your wedding rings into pools as the sulfur can affect the prongs and damage them. 

On a side note as we drove through Ridgeway the city sign said “home of the Grammy”  I was a little perplexed so goggled it this am and low and behold  The Grammy trophy is assembled by hand at Billings Artworks in Ridgeway Colorado.  Amazing stuff  you can learn during a drive.

Hope you had a great Saturday


Healthy Nail Polish

If you have been a reader for longer than a year you know I am trying to get healthier.  One way was to eliminate as many chemicals out of our lives as possible.  No hairspray, antiperspirant, lotion, shampoo, dishwashing soap and the list can go one.  One of the things I miss the most is painted nails. Painted nails in the right length just look girly to me.  Some days I miss being girly, perfume, smelly lotion, make-up.   Now I did debate the gel nails, one of my co-workers has them and they always look beautiful.  She gets art or sparkles and makes me jealous. Her theory is that is her pamper for the month, makes sense to me.   Then I look at their ingredients and change my mind.  So off to find some polish.

Looking at some of the ingredients in nail polish like phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde.  Not all polishes have them or they are in small amounts, however; over time is it good for us?  That is always my question.

Recently I have found Zoya a great nail polish without the above three and also without camphor or formaldehyde resin.  It seems a little pricey until you think about the less harmful ingredients then I am like ok, one bottle a month.

If you have access to a melaleuca person (not sure what to call them) then you can get some very pretty colored polish with a better ingredient list.  The polish lasted me about a week with few chips.

Butter London is a pricier polish yet still makes the list of better for you.

I am off to purchase more polish then paint my nails to make them pretty for the week.

Do you polish?  With one of the above or different ones?  Let  me know.


Books, must read more books

I am going to review two books that I read this past week or two. 

The first is The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen.  This book was published in 2001.  It is the first book in the Rizzoli and Isle series.  Lots of reviews on Goodreads complain because Isle is not in the book and Rizzoli looks nothing like Angie Harmon. I do not watch this TV show, however; I have read enough books to movie and books to TV to realize sometimes the main character will not look like they are portrayed in the book.  To all those goodread reviewers I say pull your head out your butt and realize the book came first.  This book is  well written, very engrossing.  Characters are believable and the story keep me turning the page to see what would happen next. The “bad guy” was truly a surprise, don’t you hate when you guess the bad guy in the first few chapters?  I want to read the next in the series that is a sign of a good book right?  When you want to see how the characters get flushed out in the following books.

The next book was one I picked up at Wal-Mart.  Last Monday was a snow day for me we had 6-8 inches of snow and this girl was not driving in that.  So the hubs was home as well and we ran some errands, after some melting occurred. We went to the local Wal-Mart got groceries and the hubs walked to the book section, stood there and said pick something.  I got Viper Game by Christine Feehan.  I love this author her genre is paranormal romantic suspense.  Generally after I pick up one of her books I can’t put them down until I am done.  I am pretty meh about this one.  The author keeps repeating things throughout the book.  Maybe by book 11 of a series you feel your readers might not remember small details so you have to keep repeating them. Who knows.  The series is about men and women that become super soldiers.  They are enhanced physically and psychically by the government,  the men signed up for the project and unfortunately the women were taken as orphans and experimented on.  The crazy doctor (because there must be one, right?) “paired” the men and women during the experiments to make bigger, badder, more dangerous Ghostwalkers as they are called.  The other books in the series have been wonderful, entertaining and continue the storyline amazingly.  This book has just left me feeling either the author can’t remember what she told us earlier in the book or I am too dense to realize she repeated herself on page 369 again.  There are only 410 pages so maybe I forgot some important parts and needed a reminder.  Overall I say to read Christine Feehan books maybe this book was not for me at this time.

What are you reading?




This week has been crazy busy at work.  I did get some exercise in and that helps me deal with the crazy.  We are dog sitting this weekend and the Minion is in heaven as he has a play toy.  Hadley and Minion run and tumble and have a great time.  She is bigger than him but they are about the same age, she will lie down and play with him so he feels like a big dog.

The weather looks like snow for us today that means it is a good day to spend gaming :-).

gamer dog

This is how gamer dog spends his days.


Fun Pictures

PicMonkey Collage Minion had his way with a stuffed animal.  Then he made it bleed it’s own blood!

20150214_132808 Lunch yesterday happended at the Thai restaurant in Montrose.  It was our first time for Thai and I am hooked on the Pad Thai.  So glad the hubs made the immediate decision to try that restaurant.


The hubs knows me so well that he got me a sandbag for Valentine’s Day.  He is the best.

Hope you have a great day!


Saturday went to the Dogs


Really the hubs and I volunteered at Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary.  This is such a wonderful place for dogs.  They have a cat rescue in another town.  Debbie is the person/owner/proprietor of this amazing place.  She currently has about 40- 50 dogs in all stages of rescue. Some will be adopted out, others will live out their lives at the sanctuary.    Meeting her and watching how she interacts with all the dogs and how they love her is incredible.

I love to volunteer it does my heart and soul good to give back.  That being said I became a little overwhelmed with Bountiful Baskets, they do great things for food and nutrition, however; after 2 years I needed a change.  I stepped down as a volunteer coordinator and looked for another outlet for my volunteering.  My SIL was the person to point out Black Canyon to me.  Her and her oldest volunteer there.  The hubs was willing to go with me to also volunteer that was a bonus. 

Some of the dogs are feral, they literally will not let you pet them.  Others are love bugs and want nothing but your time.  One beautiful large dog kept leaning into me to get closer.  Others argued over who was the bottom of the pack.  Barking happens but, fights are infrequent. Some dogs run the property, others are in kennels and still others have “their” space.  Debbie knows all their names and their pedigrees and all I can say is WOW, she is incredible.  As Debbie says they all have a story.

We tried 2 weeks ago to help and she had the flu, then last week the hubs and I had the flu, finally this weekend no one was sick and away we went.  We met the dogs and interacted with the puppies, then off to do some work.  What else do you have new untested volunteers do but pick up dog poop?  So poop patrol was us.  There are many different pens for the dogs, not all get along and  the little ones are separated from the big ones.  We were in the large dog area where many blankets were shredded and many piles of poop needed attention.

dog sanctuary

It was a beautiful day.  We bagged about 4 bags of poop.  The enclosure looked much better when we left and we made plans to return and volunteer again.  I left knowing that I had made a difference.  I have no idea how Debbie does it without volunteers.  She is amazing!

I love dogs and am thankful that I was able to give a little of my time.