Minion’s World

This is what I came home to on Thursday

minion's world

I had just vacuumed on Wednesday. 

In my head this little dog has gotten a huge achievement by pulling an entire roll of toilet paper out of the bag, dragging it down the hall, then…..dun dun da!

ripping and shredding.  Throwing the paper in the air, rolling in it.  Spreading it all around the living room. 

This is the second time he has shredded an entire roll of tp.  The first was more confined to behind the couch.  This time there was a party.


He is the youngest, the littlest, and the most bratty.  I do love my little dog!  He is my rescue dog, maybe that is why he is just a little different than the others Winking smile.

He also destroys all stuffed animals, rips their innards out.  We have stuffed animal “blood” all over the house, never know where you will find the small bits of white.  Plastic toys also do not last long with him.  Pieces, small plastic pieces.

My furbabies make life interesting and fun.  Regardless of the mess they create.

Enjoy your weekend!


More Blizzard Fangirl

This weekend was Blizzcon in Anaheim CA.  This is mostly an annual Blizzard convention for people lucky or crazy enough to purchase tickets and  spend 2 days with other nerds.  I would love to attend a Blizzcon, the hubs wants to attend a Comic Con.  He will probably get his way.

The folks at Blizzard always use this time to announce new expansions, games and features.  This year was no  exception.  The new WoW expansion hits computers on Thursday.   The games are usually released on Tuesdays, however; this Tuesday is Veterans Day in the states and Rememberance Day in Canada, might not be the best day to release Warlords of Draenor.

Diablo had it’s expansion March 20, 2014. Reaper of Souls.   There are still other games in Blizzards arsenal. 

Hearthstone is there free to play card game on PC and IOS.  The first big expansion comes nest month.  (The hubs is excited).   There has been enough interest in this game to make it an esport.  The championship matches yesterday were even broadcast on ESPN3, can you believe it?  Obviously this is an indication of the future of gaming.  Esports on ESPN, esports have become about money so it was only a matter of time.

Starcraft II will also have an third and final expansion Legacy of the Void.  Starcraft is another big esport game.  It has an amazing following of devoted players.  The original Starcraft was the beginning of esports for Blizzard.

Overwatch is Blizzards new IP.  Their first in over 17 years.  This is a first person shooter in a team environment.  I liken it to Halo.  I do not do shooters so it will be interesting to see how I like it.

Blizzard never fails to entertain, and amaze.  The graphics and gameplay for their games is always top notch.  The trailers rival anything that Hollywood can put out.    Blizzard makes games easy to pick up and hard to master.  Maybe this means I will be able to at least play the FPS.

If you have some spare time try out some of Blizzards incredible work they give it to you free to get you hooked then start charging you, kinda like a drug dealer Winking smile.


Social Media

Do you use social media? Facebook?  Twitter? Instagram?  Do you know all the ins and outs for each one?

My Facebook page for my blog here is sadly only about the blog.  I need help getting more traffic to there.  Not sure where to look for that help.  Do you know where to go? 

My Instagram account is funny.  Maybe 10 photos.  I did learn that you do not need a smartphone or a tablet for Instagram.  You can get an account on your computer and like and comment that way just not post pics.   I am Healthygrlgmer on instagram.  I recently joined a #FAllFreedom challenge that exclusively uses Instagram.  Should be fun to learn more about this form of social media and if I can mess it upSmile.

Twitter…………….  yes I have a twitter account.  If my smartphone had more data I believe I would like Twitter more than Facebook these days.  This is my twitter account. 

My husband feels like social media is the bane of existence.  All people do is hashtag and use shorthand.  No one spells or uses correct grammar and punctuation these days.  While this is true social media has also made the world a little smaller by letting us into lives across the world we would not normally see.

If you have any tips or tricks for my on these social media platforms please leave a comment Smile.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Fashion Show

Sorry I was silent last week.  On Saturday night I attended a Fashion Show with the ladies from work and one of my Radiologists. 

The models were all cancer survivors.  This is such an empowering moment for them, to strut the catwalk.  Most fashion shows are quiet and respectful not at this one, it was a requirement to hoot and holler for the models. 

fashion showMe and two of my colleagues at our table.

We had a great time.  I am glad I went to the event with my friends.

I rented a hotel room nearby so I would not have to drive home afterwards. The Radiologists with us paid for our drinks, it was a good thing I got to walk to my room.

The hubs and the dogs waited for me in the hotel room.  He ordered room service for me as they did not provide food to go with the alcohol.  That was the best steak salad ever!  Even if it was eaten at 10 pm.

Of course by Wednesday of this week I had a cold.  I have not been sick in over a year and have not handled this one well.


Gaming Fun

I have to give a big THANKS to Blizzard Entertainment for putting Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls on sale for half off.  We all know that I am cheap, well when it comes to video games the hubs is worse than I am.  So for us to get a blizzard game 2 for the price of 1 we said yes.

I have had fun playing Diablo again.  I stopped playing it for a while because well………spoiler alert….  I killed Diablo.   There were also some game mechanics that I did not like, which led to me not playing.  Now though they have fixed those game mechanics, the artwork in incredible, and gameplay is fun.  I am very glad we spent the money.

Diablo is available for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox and Xbox one.  They platforms do not all play together.

Lately I have been reading more than I have been gaming.  WoW is in a holding period until the next xpac –11/14/14 – I will be busy that weekend .

I get severe motion sickness from most other games, therefore; I take those in small amounts.

The artwork the Blizzard team comes up with is amazing

This is directly from the Diablo website, they have more incredible art there you should go check it out.


Coffee Creamer

I love coffee.   I  used to think  it was kinda blah.  Now though, delicious.  I really like it with creamer. Do you use creamer?  Do you purchase it or make your own?   Have you seen the ingredient list for those you purchase?  Take a look at just one-

International Delights Vanilla Creamer Ingredient list

Water , Sugar , Soybeans Oil Partially Hydrogenated ,Corn Syrup , Contains less than 22% of , Carrageenan ,Mono and Diglycerides , Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate , Salt, Dipotassium Phosphate , Sodium Caseinate , A Milk Derivative , Flavors Natural & Artificial Thanks

Do you really want to ingest those on a daily basis?  I don’t.  I did find an alternative that takes just seconds to make and gives the added benefit of healthy fat.  We all need more healthy fat in our diets.  Try and let me know if you enjoy as much as I do.

Coconilla Creamer:

  • coconut milk entire  jar
  • vanilla (made by me Smile) 2 TBS
  • maple syrup 1- 2 TBS depending on your preference


COCO CREAMERShaken or stirred.  Makes great creamer for my morning coffee.  Healthy and I know exactly what ingredients I am ingesting.  That is very important to me.

Have you found alternatives to unhealthy food choices you used to make?