This week has been crazy busy at work.  I did get some exercise in and that helps me deal with the crazy.  We are dog sitting this weekend and the Minion is in heaven as he has a play toy.  Hadley and Minion run and tumble and have a great time.  She is bigger than him but they are about the same age, she will lie down and play with him so he feels like a big dog.

The weather looks like snow for us today that means it is a good day to spend gaming :-).

gamer dog

This is how gamer dog spends his days.


Fun Pictures

PicMonkey Collage Minion had his way with a stuffed animal.  Then he made it bleed it’s own blood!

20150214_132808 Lunch yesterday happended at the Thai restaurant in Montrose.  It was our first time for Thai and I am hooked on the Pad Thai.  So glad the hubs made the immediate decision to try that restaurant.


The hubs knows me so well that he got me a sandbag for Valentine’s Day.  He is the best.

Hope you have a great day!


Saturday went to the Dogs


Really the hubs and I volunteered at Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary.  This is such a wonderful place for dogs.  They have a cat rescue in another town.  Debbie is the person/owner/proprietor of this amazing place.  She currently has about 40- 50 dogs in all stages of rescue. Some will be adopted out, others will live out their lives at the sanctuary.    Meeting her and watching how she interacts with all the dogs and how they love her is incredible.

I love to volunteer it does my heart and soul good to give back.  That being said I became a little overwhelmed with Bountiful Baskets, they do great things for food and nutrition, however; after 2 years I needed a change.  I stepped down as a volunteer coordinator and looked for another outlet for my volunteering.  My SIL was the person to point out Black Canyon to me.  Her and her oldest volunteer there.  The hubs was willing to go with me to also volunteer that was a bonus. 

Some of the dogs are feral, they literally will not let you pet them.  Others are love bugs and want nothing but your time.  One beautiful large dog kept leaning into me to get closer.  Others argued over who was the bottom of the pack.  Barking happens but, fights are infrequent. Some dogs run the property, others are in kennels and still others have “their” space.  Debbie knows all their names and their pedigrees and all I can say is WOW, she is incredible.  As Debbie says they all have a story.

We tried 2 weeks ago to help and she had the flu, then last week the hubs and I had the flu, finally this weekend no one was sick and away we went.  We met the dogs and interacted with the puppies, then off to do some work.  What else do you have new untested volunteers do but pick up dog poop?  So poop patrol was us.  There are many different pens for the dogs, not all get along and  the little ones are separated from the big ones.  We were in the large dog area where many blankets were shredded and many piles of poop needed attention.

dog sanctuary

It was a beautiful day.  We bagged about 4 bags of poop.  The enclosure looked much better when we left and we made plans to return and volunteer again.  I left knowing that I had made a difference.  I have no idea how Debbie does it without volunteers.  She is amazing!

I love dogs and am thankful that I was able to give a little of my time. 


Winter Flu

Here in the wonderful land of Colorado the temps are spring like 65 most days last week.  This means when you get the flu it feels more like spring than winter.  Flu is pretty rampant here.  I became sick on late Sunday night and the Hubs got my viral infection on Thursday.  This is a bad strain, he also had a migraine with his initial flu symptoms.  Not sure if it was the migraine, the flu or a combo of both but they made him mean.  Usually he will answer and just decline all offers of help not so much this time.  Ladies beware of the mean flu and how your man may react.

I have gotten through this week with zinc and probiotics.  By Friday I felt so much better except for the darn cough.  That little guy appears to be a hanger-on. 

I am off to try and take care of the hubs. 

Have a great Sunday.

Happy Super Bowl day!




I woke up this am and was just going to write a short note along the lines of “meh no ideas see you next week.”  Then I exercised, that led me to think I should tell you what I am doing exercise wise now. 

This was not a New Year’s resolution more a get back into the things I enjoy.  I enjoy lifting heavy things.  Unfortunately, I gave my weight set to the son when I got a gym membership to Anytime Fitness, I was so excited to see a gym come to my town I did not research very well.  They have lots of cardio machines and weight machines, not so much pull-up bars, free weights and kettlebells.  My two years is up next month, hooray!  I will be purchasing more kettlebells and free weights with the money I no longer spend on a gym I do not go to.

I recently found Jen Sinkler and her workout program Lift Weights Faster.  I got the program from a deal on Paleo Parents.  You know this cheap a$$ prefers to never pay full price.  Jen is coming out with Lift Weights Faster 2 in March.

I am also using Enter the Kettlebell to learn how to safely, effectively, and consistently use kettlebells.  The current workout I do is either 5 mins of Turkish-get-ups, or 10 mins of kettlebell swings and jumping rope.  Who knew those two things could seriously kick your butt.  I am aiming for 4-5 workouts a week right now 2 Turkish-get-ups, two swings and ropes and one from Jen Sinkler.

Amazingly I did have a bit to say today.  Get out there and get some exercise.   





Want some?   Do you sleep all night?  Do you get enough?   Do you wake in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep?  The next day feels to go forever because you are tired?   If you say yes to the last two then welcome to my world.

sleep That is my drawing, amazing huh?  Such an artist, you had no idea I had that kind of talent huh?  See what lack of sleep will do for you?

If you eat whole, nutritious foods without preservatives and chemicals then sleep should also be a top priority.  When it is not you feel like you are dragging yourself through your day.

One reason is lack of magnesium in our diets, the foods we consume do not have enough of this vital nutrient.  To get more you can apply magnesium lotion to the body, however; at a conference this last year I learned that only about 25-35% of us can adequately absorb through the skin, this means you may be wasting your money on lotions.  Supplements are another great way to get the magnesium you need.  Epsom salt baths are another great way, this still involves the skin issue but, due to the larger amount of skin in the bath it seems to work.

The Paleo Mom has some great suggestions in this atricle.

Chris Kresser talks about the importance of sleep here.

Robb Wolfe has many podcasts and articles about sleep this one is incredible.

Hope all this knowledge can help you sleep.


Video Games


I have found a new game to play The Last Remant by Square EnixSquare Enix has developed such titles as Final Fantasy and the iconic Tomb Raider.   Obviously Square Enix makes some incredibly fun games.  This newest entry into the game market was released in 2009.  I came by it on the Steam winter sale.  Great games at killer prices, that is a win for this frugal gal.

So far it is a great engaging storyline with developed character detail.  I play on the PC with a controller from the Xbox.  I am enjoying this game very much.  You play a young boy Rush, looking for his sister, who has been kidnapped.  Many fights ensue and lots of dialogue and cut scenes.  This game is an role-playing game or more commonly known as RPG.  I have so many less issues playing this type of game than the first person shooter-FPS- games that make me nauseous.

According to How Long to Beat The Last Remant is a fairly long game………

Screenshot (2)

I will be playing this one for a while.

Do you get any games from the Steam winter sale?