Dem Bees

Three weeks ago the hubs spent a day harvesting honey.  That stuff is so good.  Hard to believe our bees can create such goodness. 

Then on Thursday night I was standing outside and glanced at the hive and saw this

bee hive

The hubs checked the hive and we figured either they were hot, it was over 100 degrees here for many days in a row, or they were getting ready to swarm.  If they swarm we will not get as much honey for the rest of the year, however; they may become nicer. Our bees are very hive aggressive.  We added the other super and decided we needed to harvest this weekend.

Yesterday we started the harvest. 

honey part 2

This was just 4 frames harvested.  We did harvest all 10 and realized that was a huge mistake.  Those defender bees knew where their honey went to and stayed very mad at us all day.  Even one of the dogs got stung late in the day.  Next time we will leave some honey behind so hopefully the bees do not get so out of control angry.  My neighbors may have issues if they get stung.


Unfortunately you can not see all the angry bees in this pic, take my word for it they were following him in droves.  It took probably over 30 mins for them to leave him alone enough so he could come in the house.

This may be a nectar heavy year.  I plan to take advantage of this as much as possible.  I love my honey.


My Furbabies

Bruin is 16 years old this week.   She is an amazing little dog.  One eye is blind, she can’t always hear but, what a trooper she is.  Demands attention when she wants it and sleeps the rest of the time.  She still plays a little with Minion. We had her parents so, I was there when she was born.  The time sure flies.  She no longer likes to leave the house for car rides or long walks, I bet when I am here age I will feel the same.


Amber is 11 years old this year and for a bigger dog that is amazing.  She has some arthritis and she snores, overall she appears to be in good health.  She is always happy, that is an attitude I need to adopt.


Minion is of course the youngest.  He loves car rides, especially with the window down. Disc golf, for the chance to run and catch things.  He is very dedicated to having a tennis ball thrown so he can return it and do it again, and again, and again. 


Chief is Chief.  He is an amazing dog with a loud whine/bark/yodel for his people when they come home. He is very dedicated to his people and tolerates the other dogs.


My furbabies make my world a better place.

Do you have furbabies? 




Friday the hubs stayed home to work on the yard.  He got the backyard mowed and then noticed the bees being most active.  He checked them out and realized that the honey needed to be harvested.


One full super. He left two frames in the new super and brought the rest in the house and began to harvest by hand,  We do not have a spinner, this means my kitchen is sticky. 



bees wax 


We have approximately 2 gallons of honey that we need to strain one more time and then bottle.   Then I get to figure out what to do with the super sticky wax, how to clean it and then my goal is candles. 

I am so thankful to have my hubs that deals with the bees and my very own honey to help combat my vicious allergies.  Honey for my tea , yummy!!!

Do you partake of local honey?


Garden Done!


Yesterday was a long and tiring day.  Got up, super early thank you Minion, exercised and then planted 20 more strawberry plants.  Last years strawberries are doing so well we figured to add more to eliminate even more weeds.

After the hubs woke up we started our working day.  Off to Ace hardware to get our plants and some more weed barrier.  Branched out this year and got a watermelon, fingers crossed it grows well here.  Then off to the gravel company to get 3/4” screened gravel to start building the container gardens. 

We used horse troughs and put some wood at the bottom, covered it in the gravel.  Then back to the gravel company to get the dirt.  Back to the house and then filled the troughs the rest of the way with the dirt. 

Then planted all the plants we purchased.  Back to the hardware store for more items for the watering system for the container gardens.  I got some more herbs as well because they were there begging to be put in the ground. 

Back to the house, planted the rest then got a shower and the kid showed up and conned me into a game of disc golf. 

Such a busy day.  The garden is done.  Such an accomplishment.  I have to plant some onions and seeds into the containers but, I will get that done this week,


garden images

Enjoy your week!


Variety in All Things

This week I broke out of my shell and tried some different things.   I did a little yoga, always good to be more flexible right?   I also tried eating crickets.   Yep  crickets.

exo_bar_blueberry.680w I had one of these.  Surprisingly good. They are made by Exo Protein.  The company only uses cricket flour.  They come in four different flavors.  If you see one try it you will be pleasantly surprised.

I also tried plantains for the first time.

20150522_084630 Sliced, fried in coconut oil, sprinkled a little cinnamon on then enjoyed.  They were delicious.  I can see making them often for a little variety in the breakfast department.

I am still playing a little WoW, however; I am not having the fun with it that I used to.  All my friends and my husband are no longer playing, this makes it not as much fun to log in and accomplish stuff solo.  I have started playing a little Heroes of the Storm.  This is Blizzard’s version of a moba.  Moba stands for multiplayer online battle arena.  Teams of three to five try to take out the other teams base, around obstacles and enemies.  I never thought I would like a moba but, this one is fun, at least against the computer.  I have not played against other people yet so my opinion could change.

Lastly, I want to tell my hubs Happy Anniversary!  It has been a wild and crazy 18 years together.  Thank you for choosing me to spend these years with.  I am the luckiest girl.