Birthday Gift

For my birthday the hubs actually did give me a present, regardless of what I alluded to here.  He tried hard to get me  my present ON my birthday.  The world conspired against him. I did however finally get my present yesterday.


can you guess what it is?

hibiscus tattoo 2

Yes!  A beautiful tattoo. I have been talking about getting another one for probably years.  It is my biggest one to date. 

The hubs tried to go with a tattoo artist that our nephew knows.  She was flaky.  Did not return emails or calls for over 2 months.  Finally called on my birthday and still would not give a date for the tattoo.  The next weekend we drove to GJ to see her and she was booked until October and would not give a date for October.  She informed me I would have to come in the end of September to get an October date.  I don’t know about your schedule but, mine opens the next month i.e. my October would open August 1st.  We decided to find someone else to do my tat.

The artist I found is close to my house and did an AMAZING job.  I love my tat.  My leg is sore and wearing shoes for the next week or so will be a problem.  I have to figure out how to not let my boss know I am wearing flip flops to work.

My present may have been a little delayed, but it was all the better for the care and love that went into choosing it.  Thank you Hubs for the best present you could have given me.

Do you have tattoos?  Do you have a regular tattoo artist?


House Work

The hubs had the week off and tackled another home project.  Poor guy needs time off where he does not have to do work on the house.

When we first got the new countertops the hubs asked if I was excited to get them, I said no because we never finish a project.  Here the new countertops were installed, I was thinking it was about a year ago, nope, December 2012.  Time flies huh? 

The hubs ripped out all the old tile above the countertops, retextured, painted and then …….


TADA!  Beautiful new backsplash, paint and no more ugly tile.  The backsplash really ties the kitchen together.

I am always amazed at what my hubs can accomplish by himself.  No one has helped him with any of the projects that he has done in the house.  The next kitchen project will be to paint the cabinets and attach new hardware, that will be a joint project.

Thank you sweetheart for making all these wonderful improvements to our home.  You are AMAZING!


WTF is with all the weeds?

This week alone I have probably spent over 2 hours weeding the strawberry bed.


As you can see I am not sure I made any kind of dent in the weeds.  Most are some form of puncturevine a.k.a. goathead.  I am currently searching for other ways to eliminate these horrible weeds.  Anyone tried puncturevine weevils?  If so do they work?  I also read that high heat i.e. propane torch will kill the seeds.  Where do I find one of those?  If the hubs does that will he also kill all my strawberries?  Would that be an acceptable loss this year?  Maybe.

I have hated weeding anything for my entire life.  As a child I would do my best to not weed  as an adult I have no one to give that task to.  Sad panda Sad smile.

I do get to listen to my audiobooks and/or podcasts while weeding so that makes it slightly more enjoyable. 

We also have a pet pigeon.


He lives between my house and my neighbor to the left.  The neighbor said one day the pigeon flew into his front window, looked dazed and then never left.  He guards my house in the front during the day and visits both houses at will.  Pet guard pigeon.  Amazing.  I should feed him, wait I believe he eats some of those strawberries.

Do you have any options for the goatheads?  Should I name the pigeon?


Tomato Overgrowth

tomato overgrowth

One of my tomato plants perished in the early spring frost, the rest look like this.  They must laugh at the tiny tomato cage I gave them.  They expanded well beyond that.  Each. One.

I am not sure if it is the bees, or the compost tea I used early on, or maybe a combination of both.  I am unable to walk between the rows without stepping on plant.  Now if those darn tomatoes would start to turn red, orange, or blackish I would be happy.  The blackish one must be a heirloom tomato.  I thought that was the one to die, I must have purchased two.  That plant appeared to be struggling last week, lots of tomatoes, suddenly the top leaves and stems started dying.  It has grown out and not up it’s cage looks lonely .

For now I am going to enjoy the couple of tomatoes a day that I get as pretty soon I will not know what to do with them all.


This is Chief yesterday afternoon.  We had been in the pool and then when he got out he needed some chill time.  He dug a small hole, laid down, fell asleep and enjoyed the sun.  The life of a dog!

How is your summer going?  Tomatoes growing like gangbusters?


Book Review: Must Read!

Today I am going to talk about the book Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe

Liz has written a wonderful book detailing all the lies that have been told to us about food for generations.  She is knowledgeable, funny and uses movie quotes at the exact time they should be used. 

I recommend reading this book not just for the funny aspect but, that we all need this information to make informed decisions about our food. 

The passage that struck me follows

“ Processed food, conventional wisdom, and calorie restriction wage war on health and hormonal balance.  Crap food simply doesn’t stimulate satiety, and it overstimulates fat storage and appetite while leaving us strapped for nutrition and hankering for more, more, more.  The result: We eat more that we need while becoming less healthy.” page 189

That statement makes you think huh?

‘If your food has a label read it.”

“The only food is the food that has always been food.”  page 176

These seem like commonsense things but, do we do them?  I have started reading more labels, takes much longer at the grocery store than it used to, however; I am eating better and feeling better.

Eat the Yolks is not full of recipes and pretty pictures, instead it is designed to make you think about your food choices helps you make better ones which will let you live healthier and feel better.

Go read this book and tell me what you think.


Home Repairs

It was a good week at our homestead.  Plants are growing and the weeds are very proliferative in the strawberry garden.  The hubs and I are still working on the house, this weekend we did the posts for the back porch.


Quite an improvement huh? 

Unfortunately we are getting closer to only the big and expensive projects.  The yard is nothing but weeds, both the front and the back.  We need to work out the sprinkler system.  The driveway needs gravel.  We still have to finish the counters and all the baseboards.  This is a daunting project.

Slow but steady right?  That is how this will get done.

Hope your week was productive.


Time for a Bike

Not the kind of bike you are thinking of.  There will be no pedaling. 

The hubs and BIL got a screaming deal on a 1980 Shovelhead Harley


It needs some TLC and maybe some paint.  Not sure if we are keeping it or gonna try to resell.  The hubs is still making up his mind.  I will need to try to get insurance and plates so whatever he decides we can still take it for a ride.  My birthday is close to the 4th of July, so my joke for this week is that my husband bought himself a Harley for my birthday.  What a man!

Friday was July 4th.  Did you spend it shooting fireworks?  or just watching them?  We went to the SIL and BIL’s house for a BBQ and for the first time in years we were not under a fire ban, the boys appeared to have a blast shooting off their fireworks.  I am happy to report there were no injuries or fires.  I enjoy the BBQ’s at the in-laws.  The food is good and there is always some form of entertainment.

Enjoy these days of summer!