Tomato Overgrowth

tomato overgrowth

One of my tomato plants perished in the early spring frost, the rest look like this.  They must laugh at the tiny tomato cage I gave them.  They expanded well beyond that.  Each. One.

I am not sure if it is the bees, or the compost tea I used early on, or maybe a combination of both.  I am unable to walk between the rows without stepping on plant.  Now if those darn tomatoes would start to turn red, orange, or blackish I would be happy.  The blackish one must be a heirloom tomato.  I thought that was the one to die, I must have purchased two.  That plant appeared to be struggling last week, lots of tomatoes, suddenly the top leaves and stems started dying.  It has grown out and not up it’s cage looks lonely .

For now I am going to enjoy the couple of tomatoes a day that I get as pretty soon I will not know what to do with them all.


This is Chief yesterday afternoon.  We had been in the pool and then when he got out he needed some chill time.  He dug a small hole, laid down, fell asleep and enjoyed the sun.  The life of a dog!

How is your summer going?  Tomatoes growing like gangbusters?


Book Review: Must Read!

Today I am going to talk about the book Eat the Yolks by Liz Wolfe

Liz has written a wonderful book detailing all the lies that have been told to us about food for generations.  She is knowledgeable, funny and uses movie quotes at the exact time they should be used. 

I recommend reading this book not just for the funny aspect but, that we all need this information to make informed decisions about our food. 

The passage that struck me follows

“ Processed food, conventional wisdom, and calorie restriction wage war on health and hormonal balance.  Crap food simply doesn’t stimulate satiety, and it overstimulates fat storage and appetite while leaving us strapped for nutrition and hankering for more, more, more.  The result: We eat more that we need while becoming less healthy.” page 189

That statement makes you think huh?

‘If your food has a label read it.”

“The only food is the food that has always been food.”  page 176

These seem like commonsense things but, do we do them?  I have started reading more labels, takes much longer at the grocery store than it used to, however; I am eating better and feeling better.

Eat the Yolks is not full of recipes and pretty pictures, instead it is designed to make you think about your food choices helps you make better ones which will let you live healthier and feel better.

Go read this book and tell me what you think.


Home Repairs

It was a good week at our homestead.  Plants are growing and the weeds are very proliferative in the strawberry garden.  The hubs and I are still working on the house, this weekend we did the posts for the back porch.


Quite an improvement huh? 

Unfortunately we are getting closer to only the big and expensive projects.  The yard is nothing but weeds, both the front and the back.  We need to work out the sprinkler system.  The driveway needs gravel.  We still have to finish the counters and all the baseboards.  This is a daunting project.

Slow but steady right?  That is how this will get done.

Hope your week was productive.


Time for a Bike

Not the kind of bike you are thinking of.  There will be no pedaling. 

The hubs and BIL got a screaming deal on a 1980 Shovelhead Harley


It needs some TLC and maybe some paint.  Not sure if we are keeping it or gonna try to resell.  The hubs is still making up his mind.  I will need to try to get insurance and plates so whatever he decides we can still take it for a ride.  My birthday is close to the 4th of July, so my joke for this week is that my husband bought himself a Harley for my birthday.  What a man!

Friday was July 4th.  Did you spend it shooting fireworks?  or just watching them?  We went to the SIL and BIL’s house for a BBQ and for the first time in years we were not under a fire ban, the boys appeared to have a blast shooting off their fireworks.  I am happy to report there were no injuries or fires.  I enjoy the BBQ’s at the in-laws.  The food is good and there is always some form of entertainment.

Enjoy these days of summer!


Games Galore

I have been playing some video games.  World of Warcraft is in a funk due to no current expansion release. 

Steam is having their semi-annual sale.  The hubs got so lucky in December at the sale that there is not much he needs/wants right now.  He has a few that will hopefully come on super sale in December but, for now he has only purchased two.  For him this is a record.

The game I convinced him to purchase is Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, huge download, incredible graphics.  Great game play.  This was 40% off during this Steam sale.  I say that is well worth the price.

For myself, The Wolf Among Us was the game I was stalking.  Plays like The Walking Dead, by the same company Telltale Games,  these are more story driven, sort of like a graphic novel with a little fighting.  The Wolf Among Us is based on the Fable Graphic Novels.  Very good story and great game play.  Bonus is no motion sickness for Cheri.  Woot!

World of Warcraft has recently, Friday the 27th, put the next expansion  Warlords of Draenor into Beta, finally, right?  This girl was a lucky one to receive a Beta key, no I did not bribe anyone.  The download is huge!


Orc female with the new muscle structure and definition.


Original Orc female.   I believe the WoW dev team has done an incredible job with the graphics, detail and the beauty of the new character models.

I have joined the Beta to try to be a good Beta tester.  I do not want to “play” the game until it comes out, for now I am trying to see what bugs out and report it.

Playing any games this week?


Denver Comic Con Experience

Denver Comic con was last week and the hubs and I got tickets.  Last Friday I went to work for a half day, drove home, packed and got back in the car and the hubs drove us to Denver.  We usually split all drives about 1/2 and 1/2.  He did all the driving , such a great guy. 

We decided on Monday to take the dogs and stay an extra day,Friday, I tried to add a night to the hotel room we had reserved for Saturday and it was a no-go.  May have ended up with a second reservation and possibly having to change rooms.  That is so not convenient if you are in the middle of a huge convention center right?  I cancelled that reservation and made another at a hotel a little farther away.  We have stayed at La Quintas before and never had a problem.  They do not charge a pet fee, bonus! 

We checked in then went out to dinner at Roo Bar, good food and entertaining patrons.  When we got back to the room we discovered that the bad dogs had created carpet barrier to entry.  I believe I have one bad dog and his name is minion.  He is slightly anxious over separations

The next morning we went to breakfast and barricaded them in the bathroom with a blanket. That was also a no-go, blanket shredded.  We then drove to a Wal-Mart to find a dog kennel.  Those bad dogs howled in the kennel.  They wound up in the car for the con.  At least it was a parking garage.  The temps stayed in the high 70’s and we checked on them every hour.  Such spoiled dogs.

I had a great surprise at breakfast.  We went to the restaurant in the parking lot of the hotel  Old West Pancake House.  The server was my best friend from high school.  We have not seen each other for 22-23 years.  Some things never change.  She looks the same, a little older but don’t we all.  It brought great joy to me to see her again and connect.  Life is full of little joys we need to keep close and enjoy.

I have written so much I almost need a second post for the con stuff.  Wait, no, pics or it didn’t happen right?

comic characters

These are the incredible cosplayers I got pics of.  The time and attention that went into some of the costumes is A-Maz-ing!   


Some costumes were not as good or just there to show off the ass-ets.  The Zombies were different, they were not unique though, incredible huh?

comic cars

Cars from movies.  I was the geek about Herbie.


cheriraptor jesus

The hubs and I had a great time at the Denver Comic Con.  Loved seeing all the cosplayers and all the incredible artist.

That is all for now. 

Have you gone to a comic convention?  How was it?


Work Week

It has been a productive week around the house.  The hubs has been busy finishing the carpeting

carpet done

final room done!   Now come the thresholds and the baseboards……..they can wait a bit though.

The soffit on the back porch needed to be replaced so………………….


amazing huh?  A little paint and better than new.   

I am always totally blown away by my Husband.   He is the most incredible, talented man.  I am very lucky to have him in my life.

On Saturday we drove to Grand Junction to walk Community Hospital Magnet 5k.  This raises money for the nursing staff to attend the annual magnet conference.  We were only going to take the two pushy dogs.  When the hubs opened the door the old girl pushed her way out.  She,  my 15 year old Chihuahua, did an amazing job of walking about 1/2 the 5k.  Pretty good for an old girl.

bruin She is a doll. 

That was the busy week at my house.  Mostly the hubs worked huh?  How was your week?