Video Games They Come and They Go

I have not been playing video games since before Christmas,  I let my World of Warcraft subscription expire for the first time since I started playing.  Playing WoW felt more like a job than a game. 

I have started a new character in Star Wars the Old Republic, it is a free to play game so no monthly subscription, bonus.  Downside to being free to play means you do not get all the quest rewards and your leveling is slower.  I may subscribe just for the storyline.  The storyline is suppose to worth it.

I do miss playing with my friends.  I do not play on Xbox as we only have one of those and most of the games the hubs and sons play give me motion sickness.

I also have less car entertainment as I am not listening to WoW Podcasts either.  Amazing how much of my life had WoW in it.

Maybe for a bit I will concentrate on Yoga and lifting weights…………..It does not give me the social aspect, however; it does make me a happier, healthier human.

I am reading lots of books and spending time with the dogs on the couch.  This is probably a good thing as we are all a little depressed since the lost of our beautiful girl.

Do you have a favorite video game you no longer play?  What do you do to keep playing video games?



I recently purchased a 2015 Subaru Legacy sedan.  It is a wonderful car.  I love to drive it and it is very comfortable for long car trips, such as the one we just made to California.  The only detractor was no tinted windows.  Yesterday we fixed that.  We took the car to Montrose Window Tinting.  We had to be there by 9 am.  So early for a weekend!

We spent the time trying to get items we need to finish the bathroom redo.  Home Depot was mostly a bust.  We did not like the tile they had, unable to order bathroom fixtures and hardware yet, we did get paint.  Baby steps. 

The car took about 2.5 hours to get done.  It looks beautiful.  In typical Cheri fashion no pictures were taken of before or after.  This am it is covered in frost, not the best picture to show off.



I have been MIA for the past week due to a vacation the hubs and I took to California.  It has been about 2 years since we took a week off, usually it is a few days here and a few days there.  This week was really needed.

We left on January 2 drove about halfway stayed the night then drove the rest of the way on Sunday.

Monday we went exploring and found a beach to spend some time.  Then found a dog beach for the boys to run and play on.  Amazingly Chief loved the surf.  He would play and run in it like a puppy.

minion beach clint water

Tuesday it rained.  I took the boys for a walk every morning.  This morning we got soaked.  The poor hubs had a migraine this morning so we spent the early part of the day letting him recover.  The later part we went to Hearst Castle, took the Grand Rooms tour and was so impressed.  Then we went to see the elephant seals. 

elephant seals

Wednesday it rained again.  We took it easy and just spent time on the beach, relaxing and not doing much.  For Dinner we wanted seafood so we went to Cracked Crab a wonderful seafood restaurant in Pismo Beach.  We had a seafood bucket for 2.  Dungeness crab, Shrimp and Clams cooked with sausage and potatoes then dumped on your table.

crusty crab

Thursday it was nice for part of the day and rainy for part.  So back to the beach for us, see a pattern here?  Then for the afternoon we went to the disc golf park that was right next door to the hotel.  This area has a Farmers Market year round so Thursday night off to the farmers market we went.

 discgolf cali

Friday we took a hummer tour on the beach.  I started out not wanting to go, in the end I had a blast!  Then we had dinner with family at a Mexican restaurant in San Luis Obispo.

hummer tour

We drove home Saturday and Sunday then back to real life.  We had so much fun.


Happy New Year!!!!


Welcome to 2016!  May it be your best year yet.

Did you make a resolution?  Do you keep your resolutions all year?

I either don’t make one or make the same one again and again——– stay fit. 

This year I want to be healthy, eat real food, move- exercise or walk-but most importantly I want to enjoy my life.  I want to stop worrying about tomorrow and enjoy today.  This is a big deal for me as I am always worried about what tomorrow will bring.  Bad roads, huge electric bill, anything and everything that could happen tomorrow.  I want to enjoy today.  I want to be present in my life and not worrying about what may happen.

I am going to go spend today with my family and enjoy every minute.

Enjoy your 2016!


Post Christmas Fun

I hope everyone reading this had a very merry Christmas. 

We certainly did.  We spent Christmas Eve with the family, then Christmas day just the two of us and the dogs snuggled in at the house while it snowed.  Who could ask for a better way to spend Christmas?

Minion that little escape artist found another way out of the yard, so yesterday we fixed that hole in our fence, then off to Montrose to eat lunch at Himalayan pun hill restaurant.  They have the best chicken curry I have ever tasted.

After lunch we were off to see……………… you can guess…………..


We got tickets early, good thing too as it was almost a sold out house.  No spoilers here.  I loved the movie. I want to see it again.  I also want to watch some of the older ones to remember more of the story line. 

JJ Abrams did an incredible job with the movie.  There is some laughter and some sadness, it makes you feel.  That is a great movie.

Hope you get a chance to go see it.


IPad Games

I have mostly been gaming on my IPad.  My poor PC is feeling lonely and unloved.  The dogs like it better as I usually sit on the couch with my IPad, then we get to cuddle.

I started playing Gems of War on the Xbox.  That game system belongs to the hubs so I searched iTunes and found it there as well.  It is an interactive questing system that involves matching 3.  You get to recruit followers that aid in your quests.

gems of war

It is a fairly fun game, however; it seems advancing requires money and/or huge time commitments. 

Another game along the same vein is Puzzle Quest 2. You do not get followers, instead you build your character up more like an RPG.  It still involves match 3 and quests.  Movement is a little clunky, screen load time is not a problem.  It appears you can’t out level your opponents, as you level up so do they.  That makes the harder opponents always harder and luck plays a huge roll in you finishing that questline.


Of the two I have enjoyed Puzzle Quest 2 more. 

Maybe Gems of War is better played on Steam.  I will try other platforms and see if one works better.

Are you playing any IOS games?