Fall Chores

Our city does a fall clean-up meaning the city sends people out to each house to collect whatever junk is still left after the cities residents have gone through it. 

fall cleanup

The hubs ran the chainsaw and I was the grunt labor moving tree limbs to the front yard.  It was quite a workout. I always say I want a sled to put weights on and pull behind me.  Well all I had to do was keep a few tree limbs and I would have a green sled, 

The backyard looks so much better.  Now we can mow and even put in a sprinkler system without getting jabbed in the eye with branches.  The dogs will enjoy the fruits of our labor as I am sure there is a hole in the fence from where a tree was growing.

Fall is a great time of year to snuggle in and start wearing sweats again.  Cool mornings and leaves changing color nothing better. 

minion and smoo Sometimes we just need to cuddle with our best friends.

Enjoy these early days of fall.



The first day of fall was this past Wednesday. Where did summer go? I find it hard to believe it is almost October. Western Colorado also has a hard time believe it as yesterday and today the temps are in the mid 90’s.

Yesterday I spent the day with my boys.  I love hanging out with them.  We went to Grand Junction for the son to get an eye exam and glasses, out to lunch at Red Lobster for the endless shrimp.  The boys got some new cigars.  We came back to town met up with the girlfriend and played a round of disc golf.  It felt good to get back outside throwing some discs.

Friday morning I sneezed and pulled a muscle in my back….is that a sign that I am getting old?  Probably.  To promote movement I used some absorbine, did some yoga for back pain and used ice.  That is probably the only reason I was able to throw discs yesterday.  Today I did some more yoga, Yoga with Adriene  is a great series. Check out her site if you are interested in starting yoga.  She covers the basics to get you started either before you go to a studio or if you just want to practice at home.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Morning Visitor

A little over a week ago I had another surgery to help eliminate some more endometriosis.  I was in recovery mode last week. 

On Tuesday morning I woke then went to the bathroom and sat to pee.  There was some scuffling sounds behind the toilet.  I looked for the dogs and they were still in the doorway, the toilet brush started to shake.  I hurriedly wiped, moved to the counter to get my contacts in. I had one in when something jumped out from behind the toilet.  I was thinking what could it possibly be?  Large mouse? Rat?  Nope a frog. It is hopping all over the bathroom, I am still trying to get my other contact in.  I grab my toothbrush and toothpaste then close the door, almost on the poor frog. 

After cleaning my teeth, priorities right, I got a box thinking of getting him in it and taking him outside.  Such hilarity ensued.  The box had a lid attached, I would get the frog in the box against the wall and no way to get the lid on.  I tried again in the corner, he hopped right out.  He would hop down the hall then turn around and go back to the bathroom. 

I finally decided to use a towel.  Amazing! It worked.  I picked him up, he just sat there and stopped moving. I wrapped him up so he would not jump out, took him outside and let him go.


It is a fair distance from the door to the bathroom.  I was wondering if he came in the dog door?  We have had lots of crickets this year, maybe he was looking for dinner, followed one in then got lost and searched out water.  Just a theory as I will never know.  If one of the dogs had brought it in I would imagine it would not be hopping as well as it was.

I love that life is never boring.


Labor Day


Does anyone really know what Labor Day is for?  Did you know when you were a kid but, now that you are an adult it is YEA!!  a day off!!?  That is generally my theory. I decided to do a little research.

Unlike Memorial Day which is an observance of those men and women who have lost their lives will while serving in the armed forces.  Labor Day honors us.

Labor Day: What it Means

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.                This comes directly from the United States Dept of Labor.

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City,

Labor Day is all about us and what we have done for the well-being of our country.  Makes you think about it just being a day off a little different, huh?

Tomorrow when the alarm does not go off and you have no pressing place to be……..remember that comes from being a part of a great  country.

Enjoy your day with family and friends.  Remember all those hard workers that came before us.


Great Reads

This past month I had the immense joy to read/listen to two great books.  The first was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, read by Wil Wheaton.  I can’t say enough good things about this book.  It is a dystopian novel, however; that does not detract from how original and entertaining it is.  Well written, engaging and makes you root for the hero as he battles a large corporation.  If you enjoy audiobooks then follow that link to audible and pick up the book.  Wil Wheaton does a great job at narration.

I just read that this book will be made into a movie to be release January 2017.  If you don’t like to read then you get the story at release time.  The book relies heavily on 1980’s gaming and nerd culture.  The adaptation will be interesting to watch.

The second book is one I read Uprooted by Naomi Novik.  This was the first book of hers I picked up.  It was the book of the month recommended by Sword and Laser.  It is a twist on fairy tales.  Girl gets taken to castle, girl learns magic, girl conquers dragon, girl defeats evil, girl get boy.  There are twists and turns, friendship and loyalty. Fantasy at its best.


Disc Golf Family Fun

Yesterday the hubs and I participated in our first disc golf tournament. The adult kids were also there as this is their group of friends.  This tournament was held in in memory of DJ one of the members who passed away.  This was the first annual, so there will be more.  Any money raised was going to a local high school student for college.  It was a great cause and I got to spend the day with my family.

The boys were all divided up into groups of 4 for the first round, second round divided them by the score from the first round.  There were only 3 girls so we played together for both rounds.  All my men played in different groups for round one, round two the hubs and son were together.  I got to play with a beautiful daughter-in-law, lucky me.

The afternoon was hard.  It was hot and my arm was tired.  I lost a disc into deep, disgusting water, oh well.  The daughter-in-law won our division, I was probably third.  This is last I know but, for my first tournament throwing a 58 is not bad.  I have room for improvement.




I am so proud to have supported such a great tournament, and I had fun during it.    Thanks family for a great day!


Summer Games

I am still a World of Warcraft fan girl.  I have extended my appreciation to other Blizzard games.

Screenshot2015-08-16 07_35_25 Currently, this is my favorite character for Heroes of the Storm.  I am enjoying this MOBA game, although I still only play against the A.I.  As soon as I have 2 characters to level 10 I will jump into a game with real people.

Hearthstone Screenshot 08-16-15 07.34.16 I let my Hearthstone game lapse for a while and now I am trying to play catch up.  I am attempting to get my hunter to level 20.  I hit 14.5 yesterday. 

Between work, raiding, disc golf and household stuff I do not have enough time to level all the games I want to.  I decided to do little bits at a time and see how it goes.  Maybe one will stick out as a favorite or I will like them all equally and get more variety in my gaming.

WoWScrnShot_081615_073547 This is currently my favorite game and my favorite toon. 

What games are you playing this summer?