Favorite Things

This week was crazy again.  We finally received our furniture at work on Thursday.  What a giant cluster.  Not all of it is correct.  Our office chairs are not tall enough for the ergonomically correct desk height. Another week done and many patients seen.  Yesterday the hubs and I fixed lunch for the son and his gf.  I love seeing my kids.  They always make me smile.

It is a rainy day here today so not sure if anything will be accomplished in the garden and/or the yard.   So I bring you a few of my favorite things

favorite things

strawberry plant My strawberries are starting to grow.  I am always amazed when I can grow anything as growing up I was told I killed every plant I ever touched.

What are your favorite things?


Hives and Such

My new department opened for business on Wednesday, we had to “borrow” chairs from another department to provide places for our patient to sit.  Unfortunately no one, including me, thought of where the staff was going to sit.  We get the floor.  Oh so cold and not comfy.  Maybe Monday morning we will have furniture.

My schedulers gave me these …..

 flowers Aren’t they beautiful?  I am going to miss seeing those girls everyday.

On the home front the in-laws, the hubs and myself are going to start beekeeping.  Crazy huh?  The bees are ordered and will arrive soon. The hives have arrived and needed to be put together.  Off to the in-laws we went yesterday to assembly hives.


Today it is time to paint my hives and then place them in the backyard. 

I am looking forward to my own honey and a better garden production.

How was your weekend?



It has been a stressful week. My department at work is moving to a new building.  It is difficult to move a radiology department most especially a mammogram department.  The machines must be moved, reinstalled, calibrated, inspected by a physicist, then eventually when all the paperwork comes back sent to the ACR, all before any patients can be done.  We just got the certificate of occupancy from the state on Friday afternoon.  Still no working computers or furniture and my boss said to start doing patients on Monday morning.  Heck when I did not hear from him by Friday morning I started cancelling Tuesdays patients.  Hopefully Monday all our boxes can be emptied and the furniture will arrive so we could do a few patients on Tuesday.  Finally, this has taken almost a month to complete.  The new building is beautiful.  Right now it is just a Medical Office Building, in the near future(unknown how far in the future) the hospital will attach to this building.

In other news let me introduce you to the Minion…………..

mininon Yes he looks just like Chief.

A while ago I was surfing a Facebook group called Western Slope Pets and Supplies.  I noticed his picture and had to have him.  I see puppies and other dogs on this site all the time and just think how sad, for some reason this one had to come home with me.  I met the lady at a convenience store in town and just said yes.  When he got home he bite the hubs and myself.  I was worried this would not work out, however; after he adjusted he fit right in.  He has so many quirks from some of our other dogs and then a few of his own. 

He did need to get fixed and to top that off he had an undescended testicle.  Poor guy has lots of stitches from his surgery this week.  He was whining and crying all night the first night.  We do get a good laugh from him though

minion 2 Space dog!!

He is doing much better now.

How was your week?



It has finally arrived!   So happy that Thursday was the first day of spring.  We, and by we I mean the hubs, raked the yard to get some leaves and branches for the firepit.  I know it also helps to clean up the yard, however; in my head it is just for the firepit.  On the first day of spring we had a fire in our firepit.  It was fabulous. Fresh air, frolicking dogs and fire.  They all go good together right? 

Spring also means garden and weeds.  This year I am trying some new ideas, weed barrier the kind you purchase and not just straw,   I just started my seedlings, better late than never.  I found that I did not have any tomato seeds.  What the hey!  How can I not have tomato seeds? 

Frugal girl struck again and I used eggshells and saran-wrap to make my seedling pots and hothouse.

2014-03-23 09.00.25  I know there are not lots of plants, it is just the hubs and I so I am going for quality and not quantity except in the case of tomatos and peppers. 

I am amazed at the price of cauliflower at the store, hence the thought that I will try to grow some this year.   Seeds or plant?  Will keep you posted on how that turns out.

Did you start your seedlings yet?  Are they sprouting?



This weekend the hubs and I made a fast trip to Las Vegas.  By fast I mean we drove for 8 hours on Friday, I attending a conference Saturday and Sunday then we drove home last night after the conference ended. 

Fast and not very enjoyable.  The hospital was paying for me to go.  They only paid for one night at the hotel and since I do not have a credit card I had to find alternate lodging for Saturday night.  No idea what happened there, a fubar obviously.

We had a great dinner on Saturday night at Bahama Breeze, the hubs had Jamaican Jerk Chicken and I had the Mahi Mahi fish tacos.  Great food and our server was wonderful.  Of course I did not take any pics Sad smile

2014-03-15 19.58.14I did take some pics though  Winking smile.

After what happened the last time we left the dogs home alone neither of us wanted to leave them all home alone again.  So two of the rascals went with us.

bathroomhijinks We left them in the bathroom when we went to dinner and they caused a little havoc.

friends We also had lots of cuddle time.

The conference provided lots of knowledge with the possibility of some new certifications for my job.  I took 2 tests on Sunday to try to add another service line to my department.  I will know in 3 weeks if I passed one or both, just a guess that I only passed one, I can always go back next year to study and take the one I failed. 

I am home today to recover from the fast weekend and get some rest.

How was your weekend?



You see dirt outside all the time, don’t know about yours but, mine is slightly gray.  It is full of clay and clumps like no ones business.  You might remember I was trying my hand at the worms again.  Well let me tell you ……..

2014-03-09 09.13.56 We go from this


2014-03-09 09.22.28this!     Yes this is worm poo.  The worms can’t survive in this so it needs to be harvested every three months.  I believe I was a little late.  Bad Cheri.  After pulling out as much as possible I started the worms on the next batch of worm poo.  I check on them about once a week to make sure they are still alive and boy are they growing!  I feed them some worm food and cardboard and happy worms they are.

2014-03-09 07.33.33 This is the most amazing soil I have ever touched.  

I am planning some strawberries this summer and am gonna mix this beauty into the soil I plant them in.  Just imagine.

If my dad, mom or brother could see me playing with the dirt they would think I lost my mind.  As a young girl I hated to get dirty.  Now I am all fingernails?  what fingernails I don’t need those. 

I do not have a composter, want one, need one, must consider one, until then this is my compost dirt.

Do you compost?


Flu Season

How has this flu season been treating you?  Most of my co-workers are sick with either the flu or some cold.  Some have been out of work for a week and the others still come to work and try to spread their wealth.  I have tried to avoid all the sick people.  Some of them got sick, better, then sick again.  How is a girl to stay healthy?   Let me tell you what I have done

2014-03-02 08.33.01

This is  Master Tonic.  You use onions, garlic, ginger, jalapeno peppers, and apple cider vinegar.  Horseradish can also be added if you like that kind of thing.

I slice everything, use the seeds and pith of the jalapenos, this makes it spicy.  I found a great way to peel garlic,  use the flat side of your knife to flatten the clove this kinda minces it at the same time that you can just let the papery covering fall off.  Use as many items as you want.  Put in a gallon jug, then add the apple cider vinegar to fill up.  Cover with a sealable lid as you need to leave this on the counter for 3 weeks to ferment and each day you need to shake to keep it mixed up. 

master tonicIsn’t it beautiful?  Just think of all the healthy goodness in that jar. 

At the end of three weeks you strain the liquid out and store in the fridge to stop the fermentation process.   You can use all the lovely veggie goodness in soups or stews or maybe even add some tomatoes and a blender and look salsa!

Do you use Master Tonic?